Friday, January 16, 2009

Me in Antarctica

Here we are sailing amongst the icebergs. Notice I am wearing a t shirt, the weather was beautiful and as you can see the water is calm. It was great.

Quick summary

  • 3 years
  • 2 employers
  • 17 countries - worked in 9 of them. (OK maybe a little illegally!)
  • 14 of these were in 2008 alone!
  • 4 continents in 2008 too, Asia, Australia, South America and Antarctica
  • 3 passports!
  • 1 hardy backpack!
  • 1 dead laptop
  • loads and loads of new friends

The end

The final leg of our journey was a return trip to BA so we could get the flight home.
We had one final day exploring and eating our last Argentinian steak.

We arrived back in Sydney to a beautiful day, but our adventures didn't stop there. We gave our bags to Andrew to take home for us, and we took the train. We got to Sutherland and Jo called her car dealer to say we were on the train station and heading to get the car. He said it is at Sutherland, so we picked up her brand new Subaru there and drove it home.

So that is all, I hope you have enjoyed the blogs and the photos. Till next time...this is Rosemary signing off.

Christ the Redeemer & Sugarloaf

You are probably familiar with this statue, it is the one you see everytime they have pictures of Rio, the one of Christ with his arms extended looking over the city.

He is 38m tall and sits on a hill that is 750m high. He can be seen from many parts of the city. We got there on a cog railway, which was cool, and as he is so high the fog comes and goes, so it makes it a bit surreal looking.

We also went up Sugarloaf mountain that has a cable car that has been there 100 years! The view over the city from there too, is great.

The rest of the time we spent at the you do!

Hanggliding in Rio

Ever since we saw The Amazing Race episode where they went to Rio and hangglided we have wanted to do that.

It was awesome we soared down off the mountain, over the houses out to see for a bit, had a great view up and down the coast and finally landed on the beach. Sweet!

Percy even went, but he had to stay in the pocket of my flying suit.

Rio de Janerio - Brazil

We finally crossed into Brazil and got to Rio. We are staying at Copacabana beach. So now I have those 2 stupid songs stuck in my know the ones

I go to Rio de la la ...dancing and romancing...

Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl....
At the Copa, Copacabana, the hottest spot south of Havana...

So Rio is great, we love the beach, the weather is great and there is food that is not steak!

Tourist advice - what to wear on the beach

All the guide books in Rio tell you that it is a crime ridden city and how you have to be careful...but the best piece of advice we found in a pamphlet was how to dress for the beach.

This is as close as I can remember to what it said...

You must go to a swim wear shop and buy yourself a Brazilian style outfit.
Ladies - you need a bikini - a medium size triangle will be sufficient
Men - wide sided speedos (the ones you would never see in Australia)

If you do not dress like this you risk looking like a gringo, or worse still a tourist! (I am not making this up)

Not that we didn't stand out anyway as we were wearing hats...not a clothing item the Brazilians are familiar with!